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• How do we keep associates engaged so that they do not go elsewhere ?
• How do we ensure schedule adherence ?
Although there are many areas of concern , we can review some key areas to consider adapting in your recruitment process which will have a major impact on new-hire retention .
With the challenging job market and a change in employee expectations , employers must adapt and rethink their recruitment strategies .
What worked in the past will no longer deliver the desired results . Fresh ideas must be adopted to ensure you are attracting AND retaining top talent !
The mindset towards the recruitment process must change . What worked before , i . e ., posting on a job board and being flooded with resumes to choose from , taking your own sweet time in connecting with the candidates , minimal communication , and poor onboarding will no longer work !
Understand that the recruitment cycle starts from the time the job is posted . The EX must be stellar to ensure the right candidates are attracted and “ stick ” throughout the journey !
Here are four basic recruitment actions that your company can implement in order to adapt to the changing marketplace .
Please note that all leaders will be required to have an open / growth mindset towards the changes .
1 . Be intentionally purposeful at every point of contact .
2 . Increase social media and branding efforts . Let the marketplace know your community involvement and “ what ’ s in it for the potential candidate .”
3 . Timing is everything ! Ensure quick turnaround time from candidate resume submittal to first touchpoint , interview ( s ), assessments , and then final decision . Any delays in the process could cost your organization the opportunity to recruit great talent !
4 . Warm , welcoming touchpoints ! Ensure that each point of contact serves as a Brand Ambassador of your organization , by being warm , welcoming , and respectful of each candidate .
One specific problematic example comes to mind . Here are the factors .
Guiding principles . This organization did not have any principles in practice to ensure that the collective organization had a commitment to building a fully adaptable organization ready to embrace the changing employment landscape .
Adaptability Insight : to start any transformation , there must be a commitment across the company to practice adaptability design principles required to be purposeful and ready to thrive during times of rapid change !
Social Media and Branding . This organization was great on the social media and branding part , they shared examples of community involvement , giving back , smiling , diverse faces in the contact center and the list goes on .
Adaptability Insight : the company had adapted to the changing marketplace with great marketing messages and a social media campaign .
Turnaround times . The disconnect with a great EX started when candidates applied but were not contacted for more than a week after . Their applications are not even acknowledged with an automated message .
Adaptability Insight : reviewing the recruitment cycle , I saw that the old standard timings were still being applied , the recruitment KPIs and metrics had not changed even though the marketplace was demanding it !
The company had not adapted to the changing demands of the rapidly changing marketplace where there is a struggle to attract and recruit toptiered talent .
The leadership in this organization needs to change their mindset on the communication turn around times during the recruitment process . The discussion of when the EX begins must be examined .
People skills . If and when they are contacted it was by someone lacking warm interpersonal skills , showing an indifference to the candidate and asking or telling basic information in a monotone or disinterested manner .
Adaptability Insight : as an operations leader , it is important that you are aware of all the touchpoints in the recruitment cycle . There must be a commitment and alignment by all to ensure that .
As a side note , some organizations require too many interviews for front-line candidates , or some companies are not flexible to the timing requirements of candidates with family responsibilities or their current employment .
What should this organization have done to adapt their thoughts , processes , views , and behaviors ?
Feel free to share with me at sangeeta @ sbglobal . ca and we can share for a follow-up article .
What actions , thoughts , behaviors , biases do you need to Unlearn ?
1 . 2 . 3 .
How will you adapt your Mindset to create an environment for your team to thrive ?
CONSIDER : 1 . Leadership Style 2 . Collaboration Style
As with every article I do , I love to gain the insights of various leaders . In this article , I had the privilege of speaking with Mark Miller , Practice Leader , Customer Service Advisory , J . D . Power . I have heard Mark speak several times as a keynote speaker and in webinars and have tremendous respect for his insights .